Rise is a call to action following the words of Jesus found in John 14:31 and the immortal words of St. John Paul II. "Rise, Let us Be on Our Way" was not only said by this beloved pope, but also by Jesus to His disciples to encourage them to "get up" and be about the Father's work. Let's also use this as a Resurrection family, as we Rise and be about the work set before us as sons and daughters of God.

     We encourage parishioners to join us for our Ministry Expo -- either in person after the Masses Sept. 18th and 19th, or virtually on the Resurrection YouTube channel and Facebook page -- to learn about the ministry opportunities available at Resurrection in the areas of Worship, Catholic Education, Engagement, Community & Service and Care of Physical Assets. Parishioners also will have an opportunity to offer input on future ministries.

     We ask parishioners to prayerfully consider how each of us can Rise to the task of being all the things we want our parish to be. Pray on your own, or use the Rise prayer, displayed below, which we developed as a parish community.

Resurrection is composed of people like me.
I help make it what it is.
We will be holy and prayerful, if I am.
We will do great work, if I work.
We will be generous, if I am a generous giver.
We will be a parish of love, compassion,
courage, and faith, if I am.
Our parish will grow, if I invite.
We will be the hands and feet of Christ, if I serve.
Therefore, with the help of God,
Let us Rise to the task, of being all the things
that we want our parish to be.
Bless our parish, Lord.
Let us Rise to bring your love to all we see.
Make us a place where all find peace
and are spurred onward in mission.
Make us a place of love, community, and unity.
Let us Rise to new heights of closeness with you.
We ask this in your most precious name.


  •      To view the ministries available at Resurrection CLICK HERE.